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Existing Homeowners

Since 2008 there have been many changes to the mortgage industry, so it may be a little different then the process you went through to purchase your current home. Many lenders now require more documentations and have more regulations then there were prior to 2008. We are here to help you navigate these changes to ensure your purchase is a smooth as possible.

Our Loan Officers are here to help you chose the right loan option for you based on your current situation and needs. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the documentation require, allows them to collect all of the documentation upfront allowing your loan to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. From the initial application to the last day at closing they will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have.


Cash deposits are normally not accepted due to the lack supporting documentation.

Transfers made between accounts under your name are acceptable and can be documented. Transfers from accounts that are not under your name are only accepted if they are a gift from a relative.

Upon writing an offer your down payments funds should be available. Funds will be reviewed and verified prior to closing.

Yes, earnest money can be credited toward the down payment.

Most recent 2 years W2/1099 forms
Most recent 2 years Federal Tax Returns (All Pages)
Most recent month’s paystub(s)
Most recent 2 month’s statements for Checking, Savings, and Retirement accounts Copy of your Driver’s License

Changing jobs is normally not recommended before or during the loan process. Please be sure to discuss this with your loan officer prior to making any job related changes.